Anti-BBN Activist Suspends Campaign

Anti-BBN Activist Suspends Campaign

Yakubu John Jimoh, the young Nigerian man who has been campaigning against the ongoing Big Brother Naija show seems to be suspending his activism based on advice of his mentor. This is based on the letter that Yakubu has shared on social media.

See the letter next:

My mentor had advised me to back down. I will be back one day stronger. To my prodigy Yakubu Jimoh John who is on a one man crusade to stop the bad word ography in Big Brother.

Dear John,

I know you are getting disillusioned that you are not making any headway. Unfortunately, this is your first rodeo.  John, most Nigerians really love big brother, they love the immorality and the drama. They love the scenario that is being showed there.

They only talk about it as if they don’t like it. Na Shakara - Fela. The more you try to stop them the more they will rush to watch the next episode. Afterward they will go to church. Some of them may even watch while on a weekend vigil or crusade. Even this will be over and another one that is worse will come. You see, these people love bad things. We call it downward spiral.

In fact, real live (sic) is worse than big brother. The nation is a very immoral country. Most men are not faithful to their wives. I heard even the women are revenging now on their husbands.

Dear John, You are like me when I was your age. You don’t fit in that place. I will take you out one day. Be patient.

Yakubu has promised to return stronger,  we wish him all the best.

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