Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

By: Samuel M. Chinwe

Google will not cease to awe it fans with the usual update to android. Recently the android 8 with the code name Oreo has being succeeded by the android 9 with the code name pie (P) which is the ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system. Let’s see some of its wonderful features that makes it a thumbs up.

Smarter Battery with a Reconciling Brightness

Battery power being one of the issues of smartphone users and that’s why the operating system has come up with a way of helping out, with one charge you can go a longer way than usual as battery begins to learn how you use your phone with its apps like shutting down background apps not in use. Your phone also learns the way you like your brightness making the adjustment all by itself when necessary.

App Actions

APP-ACTIONS Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

This is an artificial intelligence which predicts your next move or give smart suggestion on your device after tracking your phone usage, take for instance plugging you headset, App Actions will ask if you’d like to continue listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify.


Taking the form of App actions, slices helps in the amount of time it takes you to achieve some tasks on your mobile device. The slices feature helps you not only to sort out apps or relevant data on your device just like the usual android search app does but to also dig to surface all relevant info embedded in an app. Take for example you search for Tokyo, you don’t just get the time zone  but even google pictures like the ones taken there.

App Navigations

If you do look-out like I do, one will easily notice that some phone manufacturers are now trying to go keyless or should I say buttonless. With android well known with its 3 base buttons, android 9 is bringing in a new style of just a tiny line at the base of the screen, with just a tap one can easily move to the home page from anywhere, swipe it left or right to see your recent apps or swipe up to see both your UI/recent apps. Nonetheless if you don’t fancy this feature u can opt for the three base buttons.


How do you feel when you raised the ring volume of your device then tried checking out a video and you get that full blast sound, embarrassing sometimes,  I know and that’s why the pie now let you distinguish between the adjustment of the ring volume from the media volume. With the volume slider now appearing at the side screen just tap that note icon to mute/unmute, the bell icon to put your call either on ring/vibrate/mute or the gear icon to do all necessary adjustment.

Digital wellbeing

Just as most of us are now getting too addicted to the smartphone without even know it making focus too difficult to come by. Android 9 in order to mitigate this problem now comes with a feature that help us set a daily time schedule so at sleep time it turns to a weird interface known as wind down, actually this is a psychological pack just to make it unattractive to you. An app timer also helps us know how and how long we use them, turns grey whenever you re going too far.


APP-ACTIONS Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

Unlike the predecessors that one have to take screenshots with the volume and power key, this version is in to change the game so that one doesn’t have to struggling with the two keys. With pie on-board you can achieve this from the comfort of your power menu, and with the edit command adjustments could also be done.


For those of us that our fingers have now become a source of accessing our phones by intruders probably while asleep, keep calm because with the android P with its awesome lock down feature, it’s a no more. A lock down feature will help prevent any other form of security such fingerprint/facial/ iris scan except for password/pattern and pin.

Just like the name pie, everything comes like a baked one. The major things Google have so  much focused on while designing this android version are the AI feature i.e. the predictability of the OS, battery optimization and time management. What more can anyone ask for? The Google devices like the Nexus and Pixels are already running this OS but if you are no fan of these, keep your eye open on your manufacturer’s release to catch your share of the pie.



  • APP-ACTIONS Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

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