How Africans are Underdeveloping Africa

How Africans are Underdeveloping Africa

By Aroms Aigbehi

If you have as much information as I have you could be having insomnia. - That is a sleeping problem.

I once walked into a flat in Nigeria and saw thousands of forms with USDA and Gates Foundation written on top. I took one of the form and went through it. It was a detailed questionnaire to research and educate women in the rural area for the use of birth control. The goal was for a team of Nigerians to take the form and go to villages all over the country to get it filled out through one-on-one interviews. Each form per villager. After they filled out the form, they were to give them birth control and education and some free malaria medication.

But, in that flat I saw some young men and women filling out all the forms themselves with fake names. Each person was doing like 2000 forms. The Nigerians have arranged to do it this way because they don’t see the use of going from village to village and wasting their time; as if they had something better to do in the first place.
The head of the team shared the Malaria medicine and sold them to the Chemist. I had a long conversation with them but I won’t bore you with that. This is also how “Not for Resale” Malaria medicine from the World Health Organisation ends up in the pharmacist for N1,500 in Nigeria.

That was on the lowest scale in Nigeria. On the highest scale. I have seen projects worth Billions of USD brought by foreign entities. Water projects, Electricity projects and hospital projects. These projects doesn’t cost the country one Naira. But our people will demand 10% payment from the foreign party before they will let them into the country to carry out the project. Can you imagine 10% of 1 billion USD. That is a bribe of $100 million to get the privilege to provide you water. It is like a sick person demanding 10% bribe from a doctor to be treated for life threatening disease.
That is what a black man is asking someone to pay him to have the privilege to help his people. Obviously, in 100% of all cases the white people will refuse and that project will stop. There are hundreds of such projects in project cemetery in Africa.

So who shall we blame now? British, Americans, Chinese or just white people. Make your pick. As for me, I will blame the Africans for mass stupidity.

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