A Message to Nigerian Experts that Like to Pontificate over Failure

A Message to Nigerian Experts that Like to Pontificate over Failure

By Kurtis Adigba

We have many Nigerians, who are experts in so many critical fields. I mean real experts. They have verifiable expertise in Economic Management, Human Rights, Governance, and many other areas on the global scale. They are not insignificant folks claiming relevance, they have the knowledge, experience, and the skills to match. Some of them had previously held very important positions in the country. And so, they also have contacts in government. People they can access, and speak to about the workings of the government.

We saw many of them yesterday on Channels TV Democracy Day program. They spoke on variety of issues; from the Economy to Corruption, Security, and politics. After listening to them talk about what we have done, and what we should be doing that we are not doing, I asked myself: “ do some of these Nigerians not see themselves as having greater stakes in the country beyond opposing the policies of every government that they are not part of”? Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m not saying that they are opposing or criticizing the government because they are not in the government. What I’m saying is that they can still be useful to the country outside of government. The business of nation building is for all of us, not only those in government. We can all contribute to building up the country, inside and outside of the government.

One of the experts said emphatically “ the recession was not inevitable. It could have been avoided if the government did the right things through some policies”. My issue: did this our sister approach the government and say: “hey, Kemi, Udo, Okey, and Godwin (ministers of finance, National planning, Trade and industry, and CBN Governor) what you guys are doing is will take us into recession, but if you do it this way, we will avoid it”. Was that done and counsel was rejected? Or she just watched things go wrong, and she is pontificating? I’m not in government. I hold no official position in the government, but as a citizen, I have had to reach out some people in government about how certain things should be done.

They listened to me, and after due consideration, they agreed and implemented them. I take no credit for anything.
Another of the experts said that the government is not fighting corruption, and that the government should be doing better. But, he did not tell us how the government should be doing better. Has he gone to the government as a citizen and said” this is the better way to fight corruption, can you guys do it this way”? Fighting corruption will always be a divisive issue, and especially in a country like Nigeria where majority of the people pretend to abhor Corruption.

Corruption is corruption to many only if they are not benefiting directly from it, or someone close to them, or someone belonging to their ethnic or religious group, is not benefiting from it. We live in a country where many are daily suggesting that membership of the opposition should operate as an immunity as against prosecution for corruption.

We have people on trial for corruption rent a crowd that is attired in uniform come to court to sing their praises as if they have just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Honesty!

Fellow citizens, can we please learn to deploy our expertise in more nation building?


Kurtis Adigba is the Principal Partner at Kurtis Adigba and Co.

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