7 Things to Do in Abuja if you are in a Rut

7 Things to Do in Abuja if you are in a Rut

Everyone knows that Abuja is not the bubbliest destination in Nigeria. There is a high chance you will be trapped in absolute ennui when visiting and you do not have the right people to hang with or know the right places to go. What then do you do when you’re stuck in a rut in Abuja?

With these suggestions below, Jumia Travel reveals 7 things you can so in Abuja if you are in a rut.

Check out Aso Rock presidential villa

The most populous structure in the city, Aso rock is a great place for anyone to check out when stuck in a rut.  Measuring about 936 meters above the sea level, the rock overlooks the official residence of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And so, while there is restricted access, it would feel great actually seeing where the president of the country resides.

Give yourself a mani/pedi

This is not restricted to the female folk too. It is hard to feel miserable while cleaning and painting the nails…mostly because it is really hard to feel unhappy when pampering yourself. Some of the best spots to get the most luxurious treatment include the Nail Bar, Bold and Beautiful Salon/Spa e.t.c

Watch a movie at Silverbird

Similar to reading, movies have the opportunity to transport you to a world of your imagination , and make you almost forget you were in a rut in the first place. Silverbird entertainment center  located in Abuja’s Central Business District offers not just  cinema where you can watch the latest movie, but also eateries, games arcade, and a host of shops where you can get things for yourself and love ones.

Spend an afternoon millennium park

The Millennium Park, the largest public park in Abuja is certainly a park for everyone and with good reason. It’s not just the open green space and gorgeous setting featuring a pool, beautifully structured walk way and play toys for kids, there are usually a number of awesome free activities hosted on the venue too.

Meditate for a day at Gurara falls

If you are also seeking a little peace and serenity in your life, spend a day at Gurara falls. One of the most iconic nature spots in the country with a waterfall that spans about 200 meters across and drops 30 meters below, it is a hidden gem to be explored.

Throw a party

Even if you are visiting for the first time, it is actually easy to pull off a party. All you need to do is find a good location and tweet out for people to meet you up for free drinks, before you know it, you have a party. Alternatively, you can go to instamessage and search for people near you. Basically, throwing a party when you feel stuck is usually a good idea.

Explore the old Abuja Zoo

Check out the wildlife at the National Children’s Park and Zoo at Asokoro. Looking at animals and interacting with them can be quite fun and soothing, as well as a good distraction.


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