5 Reasons Risk-Takers are Likely to Succeed

5 Reasons Risk-Takers are Likely to Succeed

By Imafidon Emmanuel Osahon

Entrepreneurship is the sure way to fight unemployment but it comes with series of challenges and whoever overcomes such challenges is likely to succeed in business. You might agree with me that where we are currently is a result of the setbacks and challenges we overcame in the past. Every challenge we overcome in life paves way for our success.

Most people prefer to settle in their comfort zone or engage in an 8 -5 job under harsh working conditions rather than to take risk to secure a bright future. From their point of view, they may be afraid of failure or not willing to go through risk. The foundation of success is attitude and risk-taking is one of the fundamental attributes of an entrepreneur. Success involves taking calculated risk. Risk-taking does not mean gam6Iin9foolishly and behaving irresponsibly. Risk-taking is not the popular sport betting.

People do the mistake of equating risk-taking as irresponsible behavior but its far more than that. Many opportunities are lost because of indecision. Flashback or recall opportunities or business ideas that you would have executed but you were afraid to take the risk to start.

The reasons why risk-takers are more likely to succeed are:

Taking risk shows confidence and helps you stand out: when others withdraw to their comfort zone, risk takers stands out and thus easily become leaders.

Risk-takers increase in knowledge: knowledge is vital to success. Risk takers increase their knowledge because they are willing to undergo a process that will provide such knowledge. As a consequence of this knowledge they can navigate future steps and sail through difficult waters.

They pursue new opportunities: Risk-takers are not afraid of change, and they pursue new opportunities actively. They don’t wait for success to come, they pursue it

They are not afraid to fail: Fear of failure is one of the greatest fears stopping many people from achieving their dreams. Risk-takers do not suffer much from debilitating fear. The more risk you take the less you see anything that can stop you. You are practically unstoppable because risk-taking strengthens your will to keep on going no matter what.

They set higher standards: Risk-takers dream big, aim high and they take pride in their achievements. Once they have reached their goal, they won’t settle for it and are likely to aim a little higher.

Emmanuel is a student of the University of Lagos currently on internship with JarusHub, he can reached via emmaimafidon70@gmail.com


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