5 Habits that Kill Financially

5 Habits that Kill Financially

By Kazeem Abolore

There are 5 distinct habits that kill financially which you might indulge in knowingly or unknowingly. As a friend advised, no time for epistle, let’s look at them quickly.

1. Excessive Debt

Yes debt. Yoruba call it “gbese” and indeed it is gbese. It sucks one financially, if you continue taking debt excessively, you would soon be helping others to earn while you become their slave. The key to winning the money game is the answer to the question: “who is indebted to whom?” If you are indebted to me, you become my ‘slave’ till the day you finish the debt. However, there are good and bad debt (talk for another day). Just know that you need to reduce your debt.

2. Having Only One Source of Income

A single source of income is like a one-legged chair which you cannot sit on. Having 2 income sources is like having a two-legged chair, it can’t be sat on too, the same goes for 3 income sources. Financial advisors recommend having at least 4 income sources or you could be overwhelmed by the size of your expenses unless you are the CEO of Chevron or some other multinational company. Create multiple income streams to mitigate the risk of going broke as expenses swallow your meager income.

3. Impulsive Buying

Some people have bagged first and second degree in this and have already purchased the Doctorate form in impulsive buying. Just as Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “the rich invest first and spend what is left but the poor spend first and have nothing left to invest”. Beware of impulsive buying.

4. Spending without Earning

An average Nigerian saves money in the bank and without adding to it, spends it little by little on non-income-generating doodads. What causes this mostly is the aphorism, “counting your eggs before they hatch”. Why not allow your egg to hatch and then go for the spending spree?

5. Lack of Financial Goals

This point is supposed to come first but I am mentioning it last for a purpose. 10 is more than 1, yet it comes behind.  A Financial goal is a goal you must have aside your life goal else you may end-up languishing in poverty. You cannot have it if you do not dream it and if you have it without dreaming of it, you might lose it quicker than got it. This is why it is advisable to have a financial goal that you work towards achieving in a dedicated manner. It is your guide to achieving financial freedom.


Kazeem Abolore is an Innovative Teacher, Creative Writer and Financial Intelligence Coach, he can be reached via kazeemabolore@gmail.com

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