5 Great Tips for the Innovative Teacher

5 Great Tips for the Innovative Teacher

Hello Creatives!

I am Abolore Kazeem. This is not my first time here but this is the first time I will be doing something like this.

Even though this article is tailored for teachers, others can find it useful. After all, we are all teachers in our capacity.

I want to share with us 5 interesting things I will do over this two weeks break.

The reason I want to share this with you, you may want to ask, is, one, to encourage you and many others that we as teachers must be intentional with our lives. Few people, if at all, care for us. We need to care for our selves and to care for ourselves we must not only take responsibility for our lives but also live intentionally.

Two, the need to grow and develop per time. This is a profession where you either grow or become extinct. Learn not and you become a nobody before your students, fellow teachers, and the public. I cannot imagine a teacher still saying the world is flat whereas research had said otherwise. Or where a teacher still says there are nine planets when it is no longer so. So the need to improve in our discipline and other areas.

And lastly why I am doing this, I love accountability and I have studied myself so well that I know if I don’t subject myself to accountability, I may not do anything worthwhile. Everything I had achieved in the last one to two years is a by-product of accountability. Perhaps that is why it is said that a carefree life is a careless life. I don’t want to live a careless life. So, this - putting what I want to do in the public domain - is a form of accountability.

Now to the 5 interesting things I want to do in the next two weeks.

1. Design a course

For people who don’t know me yet, I am a creative writer, innovative teacher, personal effectiveness strategist and also an author of 3 books, the first being an Amazon #1 Bestseller. I do get messages from people saying they like how I write and would like to do same. Around this time last week, I still met with a lady in an eatery saying the saw thing. Even though my first book is on writing irresistibly, I had decided to design a course that will not only make them write well but also make them an expert in their chosen niche. The work had already kicked off and it is my target to complete it before resumption.

2. Enroll in a course

You can’t give what you don’t have, you have heard that countless time. Like I always say, thought leaders invest more in themselves. As a coach, you must at every point in time be at least one step ahead of your mentee. If not, why do they then refer you as their coach or mentor? Beyond that, there is a skill I know I need and need to up my game, hence I am seizing this holiday period to enroll in a course that will teach me.

3. Reconnect with your spirituality

I am not a perfectionist but I strive to be one. I eat, play, sleep, worship, sin. While I take care of other children, I lose touch with my spiritual exercises. If you believe in God you will know that the physical is largely controlled by the spiritual. I have lined up spiritual exercises I will engage in this two weeks break to reconnect with my Lord. It is not good to gain this world and lose the most important hereafter. Even worse is when I have not gained this world and lost touch with the Supreme being.

4. Prepare for the next term

I teach mathematics at the junior secondary school. I know the importance of this subject and the belief students have about it. As an innovative teacher that I am, I must not only prepare for the term but also plan how I can demystify this mystical subject. Even at that, students still have a fair share of dissent for the all-important subject. Imagine what could happen if no preparation is made at all.

5. Take a good rest

As I write, my wife, the twins, and my daughter are with their maternal Grandma. The first son is somewhere for a 3-day camp. When he comes home on Monday, God’s willing, he will join them there. I cannot come and kill myself. I will sleep early these coming days, wake up when I want, hear little or no noise, prepare the food when I want. As I am thinking, I may use the last weekend of the holiday to visit my hometown and have a feel of the oceanfront again after a long time.

It is my life if I don’t take care of it, who will?

Kazeem Abolore is my name, it is my dream to change the facet of teaching and teachers in my little way.

Kazeem Abolore is an innovative teacher, creative writer and a personal effectiveness strategist.

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