5 Examination Preparation Tips for Students

5 Examination Preparation Tips for Students

By Ogunjimi Bolaji

An examination is a formal test that involves the process of answering questions. It is used to test our knowledge and understanding of what we have learned so far. Preparation for examination is one of the aspects that should be pertinent to students, as a proverb says “To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail’’.

An examination should not be seen as a do or die affairs, it is used to test one’s intelligence, so as to move to the next educational stage. As many candidates are preparing for the 2017 UTME examination, they should focus more on adequate preparation, so as to get the best result.

  1. Start Reading

It will not be considerate for students or candidates to wait until the day of examination before they start reading. Reading of books or other relevant materials should be done as quickly as possible, it will help a candidate to be familiarized with their books. Reading immediately helps to have clear pictures of the content of a book.

  1. Make Adequate Research

This is the process of gathering data’s and information about the examination a student wants to take. Making research to know how the examination was previously done, will enable the student to prepare effectively for the coming examination. As some students do not know how to make use of a computer, they need to source for information and practice, so that they can excel in their examination.

  1. Group Study

Nobody is and highland of knowledge, we can get more knowledge by brainstorming. Reading and studying together with one’s colleagues, helps to give us an insight on those questions that is not clear to us. Know the people around you and work together as a team.

  1. Practice

‘’Practice Makes Perfect” do not just sit down and wait for examination to come, get use to the various gadget and equipment that will be used during the examination. Make use of practical examination questions on your personal computer or visit a cybercafé, so as to be proficiency with the educational tools and equipment.

  1. Have Confidence

An examination will come and go; it is just a test to prove our knowledge. Do not be afraid of examination, as getting afraid will cause a negative effect on your psychology. Be prepared and determine, you will surely make it. Candidate preparing for the examination should not be frightened by various factors around them, they should be confident to excel and they will surely pass their examination.


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This guest post is compiled by Ogunjinmi Bolaji. I am dedicated to enlightening the general public on the quality and importance of education in the society. I am the owner of http://www.educationhelm.com an educational blog.

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