4 Foods You Must Serve at a Nigerian ‘Owambe’

4 Foods You Must Serve at a Nigerian ‘Owambe’

Nigerians are no strangers to partying aka ‘owambe’. It is in the blood of almost every one of them. These events are celebrated with pomp and pageantry featuring resplendent attires, loud music, and tasty and finger-licking cuisine as many party goers eagerly look forward to the food! Plus it’s usually referred to as item eight on any party agenda in Nigeria. At many of these parties, there are certain cuisines often served and Jumia, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal, lists a few of them.


Jollof Rice

Most people forget about any other meal served at a Nigerian party if they discover Jollof rice is unavailable. Nigerian Jollof rice must be present at any party. With size 34  pots set on fairly big stones, several bags of rice are cooked after which is scooped into a waiting cooler. It will then be distributed in takeaway packs. You can also include add-ons like moi moi, chicken, and plantain.

Vegetable soup nigeria

Swallow and vegetable soup

You can say jollof rice is the king of Nigerian party foods. There is no doubt about this. However, another food that is competing closely with Jollof rice is Swallow. Nigerian swallow foods include Semo, Eba, pounded yam, fufu, and Amala. Any of the swallows you choose is usually served with peppered vegetable soup (efo riro) and assorted meat. To enjoy the swallow, just use your bare hands to eat.  Tasty.


Small chops

Small chops may also be served at a party. Most times, it is used as an appetizer. The content of a Small chops include samosa, springles, gizzard, chicken, and stick meat. Many people are always interested in small chops. It should be served with ice cold drinks.


Yam Porridge

Although the first two are prominent, Yam porridge is slowly crawling into Nigerian parties. If well prepared, people will not hesitate to request for it. This fairly unpopular foods may probably be well-suited for a buffet.

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