3 Tips to Make Attendees Comfortable in Your Next Conference

3 Tips to Make Attendees Comfortable in Your Next Conference

By Sawoni Chowdhury

A great conference bestows on your business a number of boons. It becomes the centre stage for fresh ideas, ground-breaking strategies and innovative trends which are capable of offering a new direction to your business.

But one of the primary prerequisites of a successful conference is making the attendees feel welcome and comfortable. It has been revealed through research that staying in a cramped place with lots of noise for over six hours can make people grouchy leading to despair and irritability.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to give the attendees the most quality experience by reducing the amount and severity of the physical discomfort, that are under your control.  Written below are some common mistakes that attendees have experienced while a conference is being hosted and how to mitigate them.

  • Excessive Noise – Extreme background noise is considered to be a recurring impediment for the participants in hearing what’s going on in the background. For this reason, playing house music is considered more of a distraction during an ongoing conference. What’s more, in case of the traditional conferences, most of the networking occurs when the sessions are not going on.  Unwanted noise is an unwanted disruption and it is so heightened, at times, that it becomes the reason for leaving the premises for the attendees. Another thing that should be avoided in the conferences is arranging multiple small groups in the same place, one after the other. They are all provided with acoustics and therefore the laughter, applause, discussions of the neighbouring groups are a major form of interruption. So you should try to avoid the above so that your attendees do not feel any level of discomfort because of the excessive noise issue.
  • Controlling the Room Temperature – This is another one of the common problems that many people complain about, at the time of attending a conference. Though it is true that there is no such thing as the perfect temperature for a room, but the fluctuations are, most of the time, too palpable. The sweltering or freezing rooms serve as a hurdle for attendees to concentrate on what is going on in the session. That is why, it is best if the room occupants are given the power to control the temperature. They should be provided with the accessibility to the thermostats so that you do not have to call the staff every time you want to change the temperature.
  • Seating Arrangement – This is one of the significant aspects of any conference. The attendees have to spend long hours by seating through sessions. That is why it is an imperative that comfortable chairs, couches etc. are arranged for. Otherwise even if the event became a success the participants would leave with a sour taste in their mouth.

The above are certain things that you must keep in mind in order to host a successful conference that can contribute to your business in a positive way. If you find it to be challenging to take time out from your busy schedule to do this, it is best to appoint the top event agency that you know for organising the event. This way you can rest assured that all the nitty-gritties will be taken care of and the chance of the conference being a success will be enhanced fourfold.

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