3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Into Taking Action

3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Into Taking Action

By Kazeem Abolore

It is said that the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful among ua is action. We are aware action taken in the right direction and right proportion is the soul of making progress and becoming phenomenal. We also all know that ideas are nothing without an intended action geared towards the accomplishment of a goal. The most difficult part of any endeavor as we all know is taking action. Apparently, that is the reason we have few people up in the triangle of success and many people at its bottom.

One thing that pushes people to take action is motivation - a drive or force that inadvertently make one to do things he would ordinarily not to. At a point or the other, we all need it, maybe from someone or from within. The best, I think however is self-motivation. I can talk to you and in minutes you get charged swiftly like an itel phone battery, but if you do not take action immediately or few day after, you do not go back to square one, you go back to minus. In mathematics, we all know zero is still better than any minus.

How do you then motivate yourself into taking action? When you want to take a cloth from a man, it is said not to take from a naked man or a poorly dressed one. I will share how I motivate myself into taking action in 3 simple steps,  perhaps, you can take a cue from it and apply it for yourself.

  1. Write Down What You Want To Do

The power of writing cannot be quantified. Have you not heard an old Chinese proverb says that the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory? There is a powerful force in putting down what you want in writing. It is more powerful when you see it every day, it is like a magnet to iron. In time, they will attract each other. At the beginning of this year, I wrote on a piece of paper that a part of all I earn is mine to keep and paste it on the wall in front of my writing table. Since then, I have not failed to save a token from my monthly pay. I could not have done it consistently if I hadn’t. It is not by play that our two greatest books are written. Write your goals and plans down to motivate yourself.

  1. Imagine Yourself Doing It

They say imagination is the engine room of any action. I say it is the backroom or kitchen where the cooking of an action is done. Imagination brings with it the force to take action. You would rarely imagine a scene in your head and it will not come to fruition. I read in Keith Harrell’s Attitude is Everything that a basketball coach once divided his team players into two groups. He told group A to imagine themselves via visualization scoring three points and told group B to physically practice scoring three points. On a said date, the two teams played against each other and to the surprise of team B, team A scored more three points. That is the power of imagination. What you want and what you want to do must first be created in your head before it can be created in your hand. There is an invisible push that comes with imagining the action you want to take before taking it. It psyches you into taking action. You cannot know until you practice it.

  1. Picture the Success that Comes with Its Accomplishment

This is the part I love most in motivating myself to action. Who doesn’t want a result that is satisfying? It is said that if the consequence of not taking action doesn’t push you to work, consider the benefits. I once heard from my mentor that he interviewed two first-class students differently and asked them what kept them going despite distraction from all angles on campus. They were interviewed at different times, said they kept their prize before them. They always had the picture of the honor, prestige, and accomplishments that come as perks with bagging first-class. Motivating yourself into action isn’t different. When you do create a mental picture of the prize, you would be willing to pay the price and doing what is needed would come arbitrarily.

Don’t take my words for it, do the needful and see what becomes of you.

Abolore Kazeem is an innovative teacher, creative writer, author of Write to Stardom (How to Write Irresistible Articles that Keep Readers Glued to You From A-Z)

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