3 Questions You Should Answer Before Posting On Facebook

3 Questions You Should Answer Before Posting On Facebook

By Kazeem Abolore

Truly it is a free world and everybody is entitled to his opinion. More so, there is freedom of speech, especially in this era that it is democratized. But you might agree with me that, as free as the world is and as much as we are entitled to our opinion, there should be limits to what we post on social media. Aside from treasonable posts, there is the ‘demarketing’ aspect of ill-advised posts. For every Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other posts you make, it either market or demarket yourself. To help you avoid sharing posts that devalue your ‘brand’, here are 3 questions you must answer or ask yourself before clicking that “Post” button:

  1. Is this Post Consistent with My Personality?

Sometimes, I am dismayed by people who post disclaimers declaring they are not responsible for their posts that include nude pictures, solicit for money from friends or family etc. People tend to have interests they post mainly abot. I know Dayo Williams posts politics, sport (football) mostly and I know Elufowora Eluyemi Lateef for his comic but sensible posts. I trust Suraj Oyewale will never post anything sexual and Olatunji Abdulkabir Olajide is a versatile poster. Yet, I do not need anyone to tell me he would never share abusive post or use vulgar words. All these people have one thing in common: their posts are always consistent with their personality. So ask yourself: “is this post in line with my personality?”. Yes, post if  it is. No, do not if it isn’t.

  1. Will I Be Proud of this Post Next Year when Mark and his Team Will Remind Me of it?

You know everyday Facebook reminds us of what we posted exactly one year before. Some people are happy with it that they share it again. This has happened to me severally. In the same way, some are not proud of it and they regret sharing such. We have seen countless cases where people’s post come back to hurt them. Would you like to be one of such people? That is why you must ask yourself, “Would I be happy with myself if I see this post in future?” Yes, post it. No, don’t share it.

  1. Of what value is this Post to My Friends?

Dale Carnegie of blessed memory said we communicate for I think 4 reasons; to share information, to persuade, to entertain and to educate. Our means of communication has shifted in this century from traditional print media to largely online media but the purposes still remain the same. So you ask yourself, ” where does this my post belong? Am I entertaining, informing, persuading or educating?” If it falls in on one of them, share. If not, I advise, don’t. Meanwhile, for branding and personality building purpose, share more of educating and informative posts than entertainment. That would help you a lot in that regard.

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  1. Elu at 10:13 AM

    Beautiful I must say. Short & admonishing. I just stumbled upon it, and here I am. More insight my Oga Kazeem.

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