The 2 Busiest ‘Market Places’ in the World

The 2 Busiest ‘Market Places’ in the World

The past three weeks have been the most agonizing and tormenting moments of my life, emotionally and psychologically. I have practically witnessed some of the most horrible and horrendous experience that people go through in life. I have seen the worst, and it’s horrifying. From now on, I will never be the same man.

From standing beside my dad’s sick bed at UITH in Òkè Oyi, to holding my daughter’s hand at the General Hospital all night long, I have seen patients reeling in pains, excruciating pains. I have seen patients rushed in on hospital wheelchairs and stretchers. I have seen patients, old and young injected and sedated. I have seen patients being placed on life support machines. My own daughter shouts and squeezes her bedsheets everything she sees a nurse holding an injection. I feel the pains deep down my heart.

In the past three weeks, I have also witnessed several deaths and, although I have lost count on how many were recorded but there’s been like 9 to 10 of them. Some of the patients were discharged to go home and report back to the hospital occasionally, while some were referred to other hospitals within and outside the country. Still, some families demanded that their relatives be discharged for further treatment the traditional method. I have seen a lot in such a short period of time.

During the same period, I have visited the Cemetery four times, and partook in more than 13 Janaazah. Anyone that has spent close to thirty minutes at the Ilorin Muslim cemetery located at Òṣeré street, off New Yidi/Ọkọ̀ erin road will testify to this fact. At almost every 5 minutes, a corpse arrives for burial. To those working at the place, this is a daily routine. Only Allah knows how many corpses are buried there on daily basis. I personally went for 4 Janaazah but ended up participating in 13!

I remember what one older colleague told me about her horrible (though rewarding) experience at the Cemetery earlier this year. She had gone to the Cemetery together with a few of her colleagues who are specialists in washing and shrouding of female Muslim corpses to help prepare a sister for burial. As soon as they were done, and preparing to step out of the washing room, some folks arrived with a female corpse and begged them to help them out. And there came a third, a fourth and a fifth. At the end of the day, they ended up washing 5 female corpses before they tactically ran away from the place.

The two busiest “market places” on the surface of the earth are the hospital and the Cemetery. There’s hardly a moment of rest, silence and decorum in both places. Every minute, people go in and out of both places with different moods and countenances. In most cases, people have expressed more sorrow than joy while entering and exiting both market places. The indices have never been favourable. The forces of demand and supply have always been on the high side.

The only positive thing about the two places is that we are constantly reminded about our weaknesses as human beings. They remind us that irrespective of our socioeconomic or political status in society, we’re under the control of a Supreme Being who is capable of dealing with us in His own way and when He deems fit. We are constantly reminded of the fact that life and good health are luxuries that we must cherish and protect.

Visit the hospital and the Cemetery once in a while, and your faith in Allah will forever increase. Yaa Allah! Forgive our deceased brethren and heal the sick .


Gathered by Mallam Sirnucy Lafiagi


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