4 Best Methods to Remove Old Scars

4 Best Methods to Remove Old Scars

How do scars appear? First, blood flows from the wound. Then the blood thickens. Its upper part becomes hard – a crust is formed that protects the wound from infections.
How do scars appear? First, blood flows from the wound. Then the blood thickens. Its upper part becomes hard – a crust is formed that protects the wound from infections. Under the crust, fibroblast cells are actively produced. Their task is to quickly replace the damaged skin with new, so-called scar tissue.

Scar tissue is not too different from ordinary skin. Like the epidermis, it is almost entirely composed of collagen protein. And in theory, it should completely replicate normal skin. But in practice, everything is not quite so: the resulting scar has a different color and a different, more dense structure than the surrounding skin.

In 1998, mathematicians from the University of Warwick explained the reason for this. Scientists have discovered a mathematical model of wound healing and subsequent scarring that in normal skin collagen fibers intertwine crosswise, which creates the structure of the epidermis. This is completely different from the usual epidermal setting.

The more damage, the more scar tissue is formed and the more noticeable the scar will be. That is why physicians are trying to impose stitches on large dissections: the smaller the distance between the edges of the wound, the smaller the crust, and hence the scar formed under it. The scar tissue will not change its structure and will not turn into normal skin.

How to Remove Scars

If you want to return skin smoothness, you should visit dermatologist or cosmetologist. Depending on the scale of the problem, the doctor will offer you one of the treatment methods below.

1. Professional chemical peels

Products with a high concentration of acids dissolve the damaged upper layer of the epidermis. So that on the site of the removed scar, not a new scar , but normal young skin is formed, certain care and compliance with the rules of the recovery period will be required.

2. Dermabrasion

This is a mechanical polishing of the skin with a special device, it helps to even out superficial scars and make them less noticeable. The procedure is quite traumatic, and the skin, which was removed from the top layer, will need rehabilitation. But after this intervention on the site of the scar, a young and tender epidermis of a normal structure will appear.

3. Injections

In the case of atrophic scars, fillers are injected under the skin – preparations based on collagen, hyaluronic acid, fat or other substances selected specifically for you. Fillers fill in the depressed scars, smoothing the skin surface.

If the scar, on the contrary, is bulging, the doctor will prescribe injections with an absorbable effect. Most often for these purposes, corticosteroids, chemotherapeutic drugs, and interferons are used. Such injections are conducted by courses, and the number of sessions and the interval between them are prescribed by the dermatologist.

4. Surgical scar removal

This is an extreme method. It is resorted to if none of the above methods worked, and you simply cannot live with the scar because it’s a serious cosmetic defect. The surgeon will remove the damaged area of ​​skin and, if the scar was narrow, will apply a cosmetic suture. After the resorption of the threads, there will also be a scar, but much more subtle and almost imperceptible. For scars of the same size, plastic is needed: to replace the remote part of the epidermis, the doctor will transplant a skin flap from another part of the patient’s body.

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